Customers come to the ordering process with partial specs, listing only the features they care about.

They are flexible on other feature choices as long as cost stays within a reasonable range. This is a tremendous opportunity for sales to complete the spec and give customers the configurations they want while delivering the highest margins to the company.

Your customers' challenges

  • Finding the best configurations that meet their needs
  • Long, confusing ordering process
  • Long order-to-delivery times

Your challenges

  • Satisfying customers
  • Helping customers buy what you want to sell
  • Moving quickly from quote to order

What EmcienMatch™ can do

Using just a few features customers specify, EmcienMatch serves up full configurations that best meet customer requirements while delivering the highest margins. Customers can start with any item on their feature list, and EmcienMatch will:

  • Match all features in the partial spec
  • Make tradeoffs on less important features
  • Complete the spec and present closest matches selected from a set of optimal ranked configurations

When a customer wants features that lead to a one-off configuration, EmcienMatch recommends price and service-level incentives that benefit both the customer and the seller.

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