Our on-demand software solution, EmcienMix™, solves product complexity problems for manufacturers using sales data to analyze and streamline product mix based on what customers are buying. A lean product mix aligned with customer demand reduces inventories, shortens lead times and reaps higher profits.

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How is product complexity hurting you?

Product complexity occurs when companies lack the appropriate tools to analyze what customers are buying and instead try to meet demand with more product variations. This increases total costs and significantly reduces efficiency across the entire organization.

If you work in one of these business functions, you are in the line of fire in the complexity battle every day. Click on a function to find out how EmcienMix delivers a sustainable solution to product complexity and can assist you in your day-to-day challenges.

What's more, EmcienMix enables all four functional areas to share the same view of a product based on how customers are buying it. Emcien's unified platform is the next generation of business intelligence – aligning business units based on customer orders and true demand. Find out more here.

EmcienMix serves as a trusted sidekick, able to supply reliable answers in a form that's information-rich and easy to understand. On the solution's dashboard, key stats for each product line — including inventory levels, fastest-selling models and much more — are displayed in easy-to-read charts. Users follow logical steps to view feature/attribute trends, create packages and produce accurate forecasts. Context-specific help guides them through every activity.

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With EmcienMix, companies can:

  • See customer buying trends by market segment and mode — and leverage those differences
  • Identify best-selling features based on real-time sales data and pinpoint feature bundles
  • Forecast product mix accurately based on what customers are buying
  • Quickly adjust product mix as markets change
  • Maximize profits while satisfying customer demand

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