The Big Data Paradigm Shift

The Big Data Analytics revolution is underway. This revolution is an historic and game-changing expansion of the role that information plays in business, government and consumer realms. To harness the power of this data revolution, a paradigm shift is required. Organizations must be able to do more than query their Big Data stores; search is no longer enough.

Change Your Relationship to Data

Instead of asking endless questions of your data, it’s time to allow your data to speak to you. Smart algorithms make that possible. Automatically.

Stop Putting the Burden on the User

The overwhelming shortcoming of existing and emerging methods for obtaining insight is that they are query-based and labor-intensive. Any method that puts the burden on the user is a game-stopper.

Speed-to-Insight and ROI with Algorithms

Analysis needs to be automated. This automation happens with algorithms, which are designed for calculation, data processing, and automated reasoning. Algorithms are designed for tasks that are beyond human comprehension and require the speed of machines. This is the realm of Big Data.

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About Emcien Corp.

Emcien is an innovator in the field of pattern-based analytics. Our software automates data analysis, allowing users to work faster by converting complex, multi-dimensional data into actionable intelligence without time intensive, query-based analysis. Customers see that value in new sources of revenue, increased profits, and competitive advantage. The engine that drives our products can accept raw data and evaluate all possible combinations, recognizing what’s important, defocusing what’s not, and delivering results automatically through an API or intuitive user interface. Emcien’s engine, the result of highly competitive NSF grants and years of research at Georgia Tech and MIT, is delivering unprecedented value to organizations across sectors that depend on immediate insight for success—banking, healthcare, insurance, retail, Intelligence and others.


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